Sunday, November 22, 2009


and the end's great post got me to thinkin about my own upbringing. my dad fed us a steady diet of snl, steve martin (actually took the family to see him in vegas), carlin, and the prize, richard pryor. won't get into racial & family politics here, but my dad knew funny, and pryor was beyond funny. i idolized this man. come to think of it, my 2 biggest heroes growing up were pryor and ali.

but i digress. i found this last night. unfuckingbelievable. i knew pryor had a short-lived show on nbc. vaguely remember it. don't know if i ever saw it. it was an ill-affair between pryor and the network, and only 4 episodes aired. the 4th, hosted by paul mooney, is wild. a take-off on the dean martin roasts, it features pryor (mostly silent) and his cast just going about the bizness of the roast. money shot= 3 of the cast are robin williams, sandra bernhard & tim reid. watch all 5 episodes, pryor starts in episode 4.


Kiko Jones said...

Is that the one where Pryor plays a black president in a skit, with Robin Williams as one of the reporters? Awesome.

Kiko Jones said...

Turned you on to Pryor AND took you to see the Jackson 5? Whatever his politics, your old man knew talent.