Sunday, November 15, 2009

it's new to me

grant hart, hot wax

this pains me. i just saw an amazing show by this guy a couple months ago, he is one of my favorite singers ever, and i LOVED his last record, but, new albums are NEW albums.

my quick review:

1 awesome. 60s garage. great singing, great keys. no husker overtones
2 cool. awkward sequencing. too long
3 worst mixing intro ever. awesome. classic hart. amazing singing.
4 classic pop ... just weird, and not good weird
5 more nova mob roman nonesense
6 kinda cool, but kinda cool like wings, cool sounds, but nothing there
7 like an outtake from an early 70s beach boys record ... like, not making the cut of an early 70s beach boys record, which wasn't easy
8 cool, but in the sense that grant could sing the phone book and that would be cool
9 his thank you friends (big star's third). sings his ass off. but too little too late

by song 3 i was getting lofty thoughts. after song 7, i was hitting that alex chilton "thanks, but not nearly recently" button

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Kiko Jones said...

Thanks for posting about this record; did not know it was out there. I went over to iTunes to check out the clips and based on that abbreviated sampling...

- Enjoyed tracks 1 and 3 despite my lifelong dislike of Farfisa-type garage rock. (Probably, to my ears, the cheesiest instrument ever.)

- 2? Meh.

- 4 and 5 are pretty pedestrian, early Bowie-influenced tracks. The latter is especially hurt by that bad mix.

- 6 is my fave. It got me going immediately. Great track, really nice harmonies.

- 7 is below average and burying GH's lead vocal didn't do it any favors.

- I don't particularly care for track 8 but I can see it getting soundtrack placement--I've heard similar songs on that new HBO show Bored to Death--which would be nice exposure (and cash) for GH.

- 9 is OK, but not particularly a strong choice for album closer, IMHO.