Thursday, March 27, 2008

you give booze a bad name

capping an impressive run of late for guitar god richie sambora was this little tidbit. (props to the 2nd funniest guy in bloglang, tyler durden ... xmas, i want that $20 THIS weekend)

you know how difficult it is to crossover from pop and become a country hit? degree of difficulty = 9 out of 10 ... richie did.

to bang heather locklear AND denise richards in a calendar year? you've got a better chance of choking on one of W's nuts. but richie did.

the crowning achievement of getting busted for dwi with yer 10-year old daughter in the car? top that axl!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i never saw lynyrd skynyrd

but i sure saw:

molly hatchet
.38 special
the outlaws
the danny joe brown band
le roux
charlie daniels band
marshall tucker band
& alot of others

we went to see molly hatchet at the hampton coliseum in the middle of july, hot fuckin night/windows rolled down and music BLARING. i drove the bunch 2 hours to see the show (i had the only license, my ticket and beer for my troubles). we had a 12 pack to take in to the show. knowing there'd be security, i had the idea to line a skiing jacket with 10 oz's of old milwaukee. 98 fuckin degrees, and i skated in like fuckin eric heiden (yeah, that was a sweet reference bitches!). molly was okay, this was the jimmy farrar "beatin the odds" days, fat fuck held no candle to danny joe, but we were cool. saw danny at a fest the next summer. fucker rocked. but, the beer in my jacket at hampton musta been 110 farenheit. explodin all over the place. but we didn't give a shit, we were at the SHOW ... and we didn't give a fuck bout the ride home.

seein the drive-by truckers tonight reminded me of it (save the $22 cab ride home). "let there be" ... fuckit. best live rock band in the world. i miss playin gtr.

album of the fucking year

fall out boy "live in phoenix"

i saw a poster bearing this title while walking through hell's kitchen.

if you mean joaquin's (sp?) ass, i'm jazzed.

i'll be honest, i've never heard this band save a trip into foot locker (hello xmastime!!!), where i was perplexed that the ugly simpson's BBF only plays bass??? some doughy hat wearin dude was singing.


"the garden was pretty cool, staples ctr kinda rocked, cleveland is a RAWK town ... but ..."

45 du jour

amy winehouse, in my bed, (off the album frank)

listening to winehouse on her '03 debut album is a bit like watching those early am idol shows where everyone's trying out (that's right, a fucking IDOL reference!). she's got this MFer of a voice, but still feelin it out 'n gettin used to it, like luke w/ the saber in episode 4 (fuck you Star Trek!). i can see why she sometimes disavows it. flirtin between rootin for her and pressing "next". a long 5:17. skip.

Monday, March 24, 2008

the yoko?

let's rewind for a sec.

this has been posted on their myspace page for 63 months:

"We are going into the studio soon to record a 7" split with Des Roar"

yo(ko), can Des Roar get their shit together?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

45 du jour

the saturday nights, 45, (off the 4 song EP on Light In The Attic Records)

it's 1990 all over again! ... or 91, maybe next weekend, fuckit. can't get the chorus outta my head. i'd never even heard of these dudes til 15 minutes ago.


The Saturday Knights '45'


after all these years and all the prodding from fans of the band, i finally listened to "dark star" by the grateful dead in all its 12:33 glory. the rarely performed "mindblowing" (deadhead quotes, not mine) classic. for the faithful it was Fillmore East, New York, NY, 04/26/1971, Set 1. i'll restate my oft stated line that i've liked all things jerry cept the dead. "old and in the way" is righteous stuff, but i'm gonna wet my pants now ... so i have an excuse to leave the room. ponderous bullshit never felt so ... warm ... i'm speaking now about piss ...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

mikey dread, RIP

best known in non-jamaican circles for his work with the clash (specially on one of their greatest singles, bankrobber). that's only a glimpse of the story. sad loss.

45 du jour

smith, baby, it's you (off of a band called smith)

how is it that i've never heard this version of the bacharach/david classic? it sounds like an outtake from dusty in memphis. AND i have to suffer the indignity of finding out quentin friggin tarantino put it on the soundtrack of grindhouse (i saw 10 minutes of it-- AWFUL). this is for all my fellow bloggers listening to american idol mp3s. hey, there's this other stuff available, it's called "fake tv". oh bayonne mike, i love it when we join forces!

this may be the dumbest amateur video going, but i refuse to show the qt version. yeah yeah, pulp fiction was great, but WHO FUCKING CARES at this point????


gotta give em when we can. funniest blog post of the year.

it's new to me

gary louris vagabonds

this is the dick in me, gary's record is ok. yeah, well, your jayhawks "blue" might be the greatest song ever, but the anyone readin this, PLEAZE revisit Curt Kirkwood's "Snow". It's the best alt-country record of the last 2 years. not kiddin.

Monday, March 17, 2008

it's new to me

r.e.m., accelerate

best album since AFTP, but don't get all excited, ryan adams and the strokes have each had that many good albums since then. the hype has been relentless ... GUITARS GUITARS GUITARS ... it's good to hear em vent a bit on the lead-off track, it's good to hear em get away from that "music as made in a lab in spare time by $$$aires", it's good to hear em (sound as if they?) give a shit ... is it gonna work? can they pull the u2 "we still matter" trick? that's a YP. placing a track called "i'm gonna dj at the end of the world" seemed initially like the most desperate of moves while reading the track listing ("let's twist again"???), but it actually ain't bad. talk about burying my lead MFers (original title, "what song did you figure on playin' mr. stipe?")!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


we have a saying around here, reality tv can suck our balls (we get to watch shitheads in real life), but if this is half as good as vh1's "the (white) rapper", it'll be awesome. ego trip and mc serch goin for what seems to be a twist on season one. after witnessing the measly talent of the debut season, guess there ain't enuff white rhymers out there.

john brown ... where the fuck did you disappear to?

just the facts:

Join MC Serch as he gives you a tour of The Fembassy Hotel Suites — the premiere destination for female MCs. You too can check out The Fembassy for yourself this Monday, April 14th when ego trip's Miss Rap Supreme debuts on Vh1 @ 10PM.

Monday, March 10, 2008

any given sunday

final BCS standings:

1. season 2
2. season 1
3. season 4
4. season 3
5. season 5

Sunday, March 9, 2008

vampire wknd

"oxford comma" makes us wanna throw up in our mouth (all apologies to watty), but if we'd thrown away the talking heads early ... well, the first four amazing records woulda passed us by. we're waiting (but still breathing!) nice duds-ees!


don't wanna get all up in tv, but is there anyone as unfunny as kenan thompson?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

it's new to me

gnarls barkley the odd couple

whole lotta crazy, but sadly, no "crazy"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the wire ... bizarre

recent sightings ...

clay davis in a dunkin donuts ad

barksdale/prop joe/stansfield lawyer levy in a fast food joint

uhm luuvin it!

need ...


Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Monday, March 3, 2008

shuffle du jour

guided by voices, vampire on titus (scat)

vampire was gihyb's intro to tha mighty GBV. seem to recall hearing about them via a scat (label at the time) mailer (mailer!). right band at the right time syndrome. hook-heavy wavery recordings. this was DIY practiced from below ground level. in the songs you could visualize the chair he sat on while mixing. and behold the lo-fi years ...

lo-fi is a bit of a misnomer. you can't tell me brian wilson was any more obsessive working on pet sounds than pollard was on these recordings. listenin with new ears reveals tons of subtle touches under the histrionics. pollard compulsively shoots for a 'live at leeds' bonus track most times up, but the (mostly inadvertant) use of tone and hiss add an air of place, time and context that the arena rock he so clearly loves lacks (all apologies to cheap trick).

(ed. note: more cliches coming!) pollard should've been recording 2 decades prior to this. unabashed anglophile that he is woulda fit right in mid-60s london (ed. note: without the source material!!!).

great melodist of our generation? name another ... elliott smith ... maybe?

unsung track: gleemer (godilovesprout)

% listened to before either skipping/turning off/deciding to never listen to music again: 100

revisionist rating (out of 10): !!!!!!!!!

rating after original purchase (ed note, possibly as made up as revisionist): !!!!!!!!!