Friday, December 17, 2010

how did i miss this/kiss?

douchebaggery obviously knows no bounds when dealing with the juggernaught of KISS, but this actually might take the prize. a video of Ace Frehley's hit, "New York Groove".

most geeks know that KISS tried to quadruple their sales power by releasing 4 solo albums on the same day in 1978 with albums by the guys dressed in character on their respective covers. it was by all accounts, a disaster, with one exception, lead guitarist Ace Frehley's number. (i bought and still have the awful Paul Stanley album)

that the video seems to fake the viewer into thinking that this was a KISS recording is beyond laughable. kudos to simmons for clapping instead of pretending to play the bass (like he did on "Alive" and alot of records).

non-interesting facts:

a) the song was not Frehley's. it's a cover of the english band Hello
b) the backing band is basically what became of David Letterman's Late Night band