Sunday, November 15, 2009

the pips

growin up, i had a strange fixation with gladys knight & the pips. they seemed to be on every show constantly ... this was the era of the variety show. actually, it wasn't to gladys knight and the pips, it was the pips, and it wasn't the pips, it was this one guy in the pips. i'm not going to even try and figure out his name. it wasn't a sexual fixation, it was something along the lines of 'i kinda know you' (dude in the middle). anyways, i got over it i suppose, they stopped showin up on tv, and i stopped watchin.

anyways, michael shelley played this tune of just pips and funk bros on his WFMU show today and it's awesome (no knock on gladys-- midnight train is still one of my all-time faves)! i spend saturday morn's with the boy and we fire his most excellent show up every week.

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