Monday, November 9, 2009

the new list

the mission:

to create a list of the best 25 albums of the 1970s.


in the tradition of the first godihateyourband list of the top 100 songs since 1950, we're now focusing on decades, starting with the 70s, cause frankly, after that initial 60s rout, i could care less about revolver vs. sgt. peppers. let's hit a decade when monster rockers started putting out CRAPPY records!


your list of the top 25 albums of the 1970s (1 being the best)

potential potholes:

a) aka, the "london calling quandary". the record dropped in britain in december 1979. US was in january 1980. use your best judgement. after many emails back and forth with the GIHYB braintrust, I've decided not to care. i mean, who releases a record in december???? fools!

b) compilations that include material from earlier decades. we're going to have to treat on a case by case basis. the sun sessions will be tough ... the red and the blue beatles albums will not be tough.


monday, december 14

feel free to include comments with your selections, and pass on to anyone that isn't an idiot. submissions should be emailed to:



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