Wednesday, April 11, 2007

who cares about imus?

i've been an imus listener for a while now. i've always hated the times when he tried to do his "jive act" (his words, not mine). in those instances, he's generally an old dude trying to get a laugh off something he tangentially understands. generally riffin off something bernie started. the uproar started off of that. i'm pissed at what he said, though it WAS a fucking joke, and a dummass one, but there wasn't malice. if nothing else, the dude knows NOTHING about sports (and that's what this was supposedly about). most times, his "thing" is he relies on "experts" to tell him the frontrunner and he goes with em (he's THAT kind of sports fan, say no more). it's stupid. the cardinal egan stuff-- STOOPID (and i'm not catholic nor care). i generally change the station when they get into bits. the upside of the show is the sometime intellectual discussion that happens. for what it's worth, that's as far as i go with him and the uproar. i've got too much to think about in general than worry about a fuckin multi-millionaire who'll still have his bank account tomorrow and next year.


i'm wondering if this whole episode might provide a generational shift? i detest the word "ho" and all its connotations (this is much more of a sexist outrage as i see it). i have baby son, if i had a daughter it would resonate a whole lot more. i'm a huge hip-hop fan. i think rap has been the most influential and exciting music genre of the last 20 years. and i've spent the last 20+ years mired in white-boy indie rock, makin it, listening to it, whatever, but hip-hop/rap has been ground zero in innovation production-wise, excitement/genre-blasting, etc. i don't blame hip-hop on the word "ho", it's been a societal problem since time began, but alot of rap's been pervasive in setting stereotypes. so has heavy metal-- but i don't care about heavy metal. i've been generally most excited about some great rap artists who've made great political statements-- PE was the most mindblowing group i'd ever heard. lately Nas' latest cd comes to mind.


can we take this whole episode and think about something? i want to put this i terms i can deal with. what happens the next time a hip-hop/heavy metal/rock/country or whatever music peep comes out on record or onstage and makes a comment much like imus made in song? how bout a deafening silence? time for this shit to stop once and for all. it's in everybody's hands (beyond radio and music as well), and i'd like to think that our "compartmental leaders" on all sides get with the program (& i give all props to rev. al and his previous attempts to get the hip-hop community to get it together). fuck imus. get with the real issue.

obama, might wanna give it a shot, i'm rootin for ya ... politico fuck, but most of all, ghostface, save our country.

godihateyourband will return at some point in th late future.

don't hold yr breath.


bruce wayne/tony stark/hal jordan