Sunday, July 27, 2008


not our fave dino jr song (but top 10), righteous nonetheless (kinda funny bein picky) ... note to murph, (think) bill ward wears shirts.

courtesy of pitchfork


Kiko Jones said...

I hear ya re: Murph, but thankfully J wasn't wearing those tax accountant prescription glasses he's been sporting lately.

j asskiss said...

Dino J sucks!

godihateyourband said...


they do suck!


hope ya didn't get struck by lightning at mccarren pool yesterday!

sebablow said...

Real bloggers don't go to shows. Or buy records. Or like anything for more than 1 week (except for ironic cassette belt buckles, of course).

Xmastime said...

"sebablow"!!! I love this guy!!! dying.