Saturday, July 5, 2008


know i've made a point previously about reunion shows (if you think i'm finding the post, you haven't read this blog), but the feelies are the fuckin feelies. and for once, high expectations gave way to higher results. for starters, the sound at battery park was incredible, they opened with the 2 starting tracks from "the good earth", add in the overlooked "doin it again" and a bunch of other GREAT ones (did i just slight their BEST record???) ... the new songs didn't suck. and jesus were they tight.


my first trip to my now home NYC was in the spring of '86. understandably overwhelmed as hell. ended up on st. marks pl. at sounds. picking through records-- many of which i'd only read about at the time. as we were leaving the checkout guy gave us passes to a coyote records release party at the limelight that evening. i knew coyote had a relationship w/ twin-tone so we decided to go (like we had anything else to do). turns out the release was for "the good earth" by the feelies- who were playing. it was the closest thing i can imagine to seeing the velvet underground blindly. a complete mind-fuck of percussive tension. took me 6 more years to move here, but that sealed the deal.

(as that sage eminem sed, 'back to reality') the 7/4 show. "raised eyebrows" live was one of the coolest things i've ever seen. again, i can't honestly believe how tight they were. their encore cover of wire's "outdoor miner" (nice call halling-- a song i'd completely forgotten about from "chairs missing") was way cool. and the closer "fa ce la"? give it up. go jersey.

*shout out to todd f. for the tix.


Thurston said...

They're better than Yo La Tengo, but the Feelies suck. Hoboken pop sucked 25 years ago and it has not aged well.

BayonneMike said...

After all the hoopla surrounding the show, I broke out the vinyl of The Good Earth/No One Knows ep/Only Life to make a tape for the car. Good stuff. Slipping (Into Something) is still a killer.
I saw them in the early 90s around when Time for a Witness came out. Strangely enough, it was at a dump called the Green Parrot in Neptune, NJ. I should have made the effort for the Maxwell shows, but I'm old.

godihateyourband said...

wow thurston, dive right in. i'll speak for a moment as if i didn't read your comment. the hoboken scene from way back has NOT aged well. the bongos, the cucumbers & their ilk are as dated as kirby keger's 'do (you see how lame this can get???). oh wait, i just read your comment ... let's walk that long sad road of you not thinking yo la tengo are a good band- you have no taste, but we're still walking. hey, this reminds me of that joke where a pedophile walks a kid into the woods. the kid tells the pedophile, "i'm scared". pedophile, "YOU'RE scared, i've gotta walk home alone."

don't eat the green berries.

Crap Your Pants Say Yeah said...

Oh snap!

And for the record, Sonic Youth, Wilco and Elvis Costello also suck. Fight the real power!! Death to Adult Alternative!!

godihateyourband said...

duly noted CYPSY.

keep fightin the real battles!