Tuesday, July 15, 2008

it's new to me

the hold steady, stay positive

recipe: guitar to piano ... woody allen (you know, same as the last 2 records).


-really hated this record on first 2 listens, then came around a little. some hooks really emerge: "constructive summer", "stay positive", hell, "sequestered" is DBT worthy-- though ... don't recall them writing hooks.

-harpsichord nod to "two sisters" in "one for the cutters" is rad, but actually found the characters and storyline in "two sisters", uhm, interesting.

-write a new song already. the constant use of "OH OH OH" choruses nailed on previous record reminds me of a bad brains' record that will come out some time in the next 3-4 years (ed. note: the hold steady's "boys and girls in america" was GIHYB's 1st or 2nd fave record of '06). the attempts at stretching fall a little flat.

-question? self-referencing band lyrics work best when referring to a) being an american band, b) being a cowboy on a steel horse, c) believing you are a walrus, or d) bein' down wit OPP?

-the bruce homage (see recipe) is getting really tired (ed note: GIHYB gets squeamish during operatic brawls that don't feature ghostface, bobby darin, or david geddes).

-don't hate this record, finn's a stud and they got another one in em, just a little underwhelmed.


Vampire Rearend said...

What? The new Hold Steady is ALMOST as amazing as the 2nd Strokes tape. Indie rock is so beautiful, especially when it has an ironic moustache and sounds like a watered down mix of Springsteen and REM.

godihateyourband said...

but a couple weeks ago you said "The Hold Steady blows. Springsteen + lame indie rock with ironic moustaches. Who needs that?"

no one's allowed to use "ironic moustaches" twice-- or springsteen for that matter.

the "2nd strokes tape" line was funny

think up some more funny names! we could give you a column!

Kiko Jones said...

Do you hear that, GIHYB? It's the sound of your chain being yanked.

Oh, and don't get him started with the names--he's got a truckload.

moldsteady said...

I'm a indie rock blogger. That means I change my opinion all the time based on what other people on the internet say. I can't make up my own mind and I love it!!!

Kiko Jones said...

Oh GIHYB, you're gonna have a field day with this: