Saturday, July 12, 2008

athens ga. circa late 80s

a flick. i'll admit, i walked out of in a theater a bunch a years ago, but for what it is, a document of a pretty fertile scene. fuck, it's got dexter romweber (a major talent, and a transplant), who steals it.

gotta give props to pitchfork tv. minin' some cool shit lately (cept for that narcissist beyond wild liz phair 'exile' doc) ... and we love that album.


Kiko Jones said...

Romweber's Flat Duo Jets were the--highly unappreciated and much more talented--White Stripes of their time.

It is a hugely unfair world we live in, one where Meg White gets to be a millionaire while barely knowing how to carry a pair of sticks, as FDJ's Crow--not to mention Romweber himself--toils in obscurity.

Tacobel Cannon said...

R.E.M. are soooo amazing! Stipe's aural poetry makes me weep and the guy that plays the mandolin makes my brown eye blue. The other 2 guys are fine, too.

I have to be happy with R.E.M. because I only have a college degree. I hope some day to get a masters so I can enjoy The National, Sun Kill Moon and all the other great adult alt music that sounds like James Taylor on ludes.

godihateyourband said...

taco bell? dude. such high hopes for you. your run was brief ... at least you're shallow.


connor o'burp

Kiko Jones said...

Ha! Good one, GIHYB.

Oh, and don't anyone EVER mention the trendy likes of The National in the same breath as Sun Kil Moon. You might hurt yourself.

Janis Ian said...

Kiko Jones likes James Taylor!!