Sunday, May 24, 2009

unfair character assasination of the day

i've just watched "the making of the monkees". i love the monkees, pre-fab and post-fab. but the nesmith vs. kirshner stuff is beyond ridiculousness. you (nesmith) were hired as an actor to PLAY a rock guy. to get all incredulous after your FAKE band sold millions (playing other people's "amazing" songs) and demanding you get to do your own thing is silly. you're a) already rich*, so b) quit the damn show.

AND, your solo post-monkees stuff was great. so fuck everybody.

*mom invented white out


Xmastime said...

agreed. been bitching about this for 10 years. absurd.

also on the doc they claim him to be a millionaire "through his various media projects." HA!HA!

Kiko Jones said...

I didn't know he was still bitching about it...then again, he and Tork we're actual musicians and you can't fault them for wanting to have more input in the songs they were recording/performing.

X, I think I read somewhere that Nesmith owned a somewhat successful video production co. which came up w/a precursor to MTV.