Wednesday, May 6, 2009

it's new to me

bob dylan, together through life

there's enuff 'gettin ornery & squirrely & dealin' to qualify as an older gent (albeit a legend) givin his read on gettin older. but E-NOUGH? i don't think so. it sounds way more like an older gent playin songs he wants to play with his buds ... which he is more than entitled to (sounds alot like his radio show--WHICH I LOVE). there are cool highlights, "beyond here lies nothin" is primo snear late-bob. and yo, for you late period-dylan naysayers!!!, there's material galore ("life's hard" sounds like a kinda drunk dad doin karaoke at his 50th wedding anniversary ... bob's worst vocal ever???). BUT. i keep goin back to a somewhat similar record that i like alot better ... and it's not the truly great "time out of mind", it's the uneven but kinda awesome ny dolls reunion record from a couple of years back. johansen's gripping take on a glam band hittin 60 (check "maimed happiness" to start). just sounds to these ears like more of a biograph.

all i all ... this ain't any better than a dozen other americana records released this year or next ... and in the scheme of all things bob, that doesn't mean shit.


Donovan said...

Wait - a boring Americana record? This can't be!

You should do a spoken word piece about this at the Feelies reunion shows at Maxwells.

godihateyourband said...

donna, hated to be the one to rain on your deb nite, but remember, all movies can't be 'president baseball'

crap for lashes said...

OMG! Wilco and Yo La Tengo together in Coney Island this summer!! I think I'm going to poop my adult alternative diaper!!!!