Monday, December 8, 2008

godihateyourband "the t-shirt"

hey, we read our mail. every day, "where can i get my t-shirt, coffee mug, baby-t, spaghettti strap, onesie, coffee mug, etc???". well, faithful readers, in the eye of an economic meltdown, do your part to save this nation and visit godihateyourmerchandise.

you're welcome mr. prez-elect.


whiskeyfrown said...

Oooh, ironic CBGB lettering.

Isn't there a new Ryan Adams tape you're supposed be drooling all over on your blog?

godihateyourband said...

i'll make one special for you with a bong on the back!

brews sudstein said...

You're gonna make me a shirt with your Ryan Adams review on it? That should help me make new friends at the next Hold Steady show.

Kiko Jones said...

re: bong
GIHYB, you know him so well.

roxxx gang said...

Kiko loves this shirt and the new GnR tape so much he's gonna get a shirt and put a bunch of poser rips in it and wear it under his white fringe leather jacket. Red strechy pants tucked into snakeskin cowboy boots complete the outfit.