Tuesday, December 23, 2008

best post-VU story

from elvis costello's (kinda) interesting new tv show (he's a good interviewer but the pacing is off). the guest lou reed brought the best story i've heard in a long while:

Lou Reed: "’Save the Last Dance for me,’ can you imagine writing something like that? Do you know the story behind that?” (Costello doesn’t) "On his wedding day (Doc) Pomus, who (wrote the song) suffered from polio, was confined to a wheelchair." According to Reed, "Pomus wrote the lyrics to the song on a wedding invitation while watching the guests dance with his new bride."


PP On The Patio said...

Oooh, Lou Reed and Elvis Costello!

Anyone have the Yo La Chanuka set lists?

Kiko Jones said...

You know that theory that people that hate gays so much are latent homosexuals themselves? It should apply to such constant and extreme reactions to certain types of music, as well.

almost blew said...

There is also the theory that only those who look like Elvis Costello can actually stomach his music.

Kiko Jones said...

It's not a theory, it's a David Lee Roth quote.

I love DLR, but for a dude with such an inconsistent discography as himself, he should focus his criticism on someone within his reach.