Wednesday, December 31, 2008

GIHYB best of 2008

album of the year
erykah badu "new amerykah part one"
if there was a weirder better album, then send it my way.

runner up:
she & him "volume one"

2nd runner:
black keys "attack and release"
"i got mine" righteous
fuck ike turner for turnin this shit down and RIP


drive by truckers "brighter than creation's dark" album

the hold steady "sequestered in memphis" single

tv on the radio "dear science" album

beck "gamma ray" single

rem "accelerate" album
about fucking time millionaire pricks

nick cave and the bad seeds, "dig lazarus, dig" video

bob dylan "tell tale signs" box
how many great takes of "mississippi" you got? fucker

steve wynn, "crossing dragon bridge" album
i really was expecting to hate this out of the box, but this M'FER is on a 3-4 album tear that is unprecedented for a dude that "peaked" in 1981. and this one sounds NOTHING like the 2 that came before.

delta spirit "trashcan" single
you're on a VERY short leash

paul westerberg "49:00" album (download)
stay right the fuck where you are. it suits you.


Kiko Jones said...

Man, Zooey is adorable, but I can't stand her singing. That whole She & Him project seems a bit contrived on both ends: she gets some cred and M. Ward gets to raise his profile, or something.

ope said...

either you in the mood or you aint. album of the yr, professor!

BayonneMike said...

Yeah, can't say I'm on board for She & Him either. Generic to the point of being completely meaningless.

Others from your list I did like: Black Keys, Drive-By Truckers, Nick Cave, and Bob Dylan (my album of the year).

Others not mentioned that I liked: Cat Power, Mudcrutch, Lindsey Buckingham, Al Green, Raphael Saadiq, Girl Talk.

Glenn Tchotchkes said...

This list is amaaaaziiing! It's all my favorite tapes that I like to listen to when I sit down to make tinkle.