Sunday, August 31, 2008

sammy davis hagar jr.

from tmz.
Van Halen management tells us the band had no idea McCain was planning on using "Right Now" during his big entrance in Ohio telling us, "Permission was not sought or granted nor would it have been given."

For the record, Dubya used the same song during a bunch of his campaign speeches back in 2004, but sources close to the band tell us, "They're not political, they're just rock and roll."

maybe it's time to break out "And The Cradle Will Rock..."???

here it is folks, all-time worst blog post ever!!!!! happy labor day fuckerzzzzzz!!!!!!


Xmastime said...

hmm. this is a pretty bad post.

godihateyourband said...

sixteen candles reference was cool, but i wish i'd "ALREADY SAID THAT" ... banned four days

joe lynn burner said...

"this is a pretty bad post"

Why should this one be different from all the others?