Tuesday, August 12, 2008

it's new to me

michael franti & spearhead, all rebel rockers

after a promising start, this folds into a by-the-numbers 'california rock' record. at its best, it's a stiffer "welcome to jamrock", franti's still fightin the good fight (see bragg/strummer), at its worse, well, a few too many shitty acoustic songs ("more than words" redux???) and kravitz-esque blah. when he wants to, he can turn the hell out of a phrase, and i'm diggin the heavy bass up front, but it ain't holdin together. dude has his heart in the right place as always, but, technically, most everyone's heart is in the right place ... except that baby glen talked about in 'raising arizona'

say that reminds me ... hit it at 2:40

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matis mouse yahu said...

When's the new Blog Party tape coming out? They're amaaaziiing!!!