Thursday, August 14, 2008


apparently throwin a medley of dinosaur rawk w/out attribution will get you kicked off imagine that! paul westerberg responds, for $0.99 or $5.05 (opt for the former, it's funny, but not memorable) with the remaining 5:05 missing from his 49:00 release, now deleted from the website.

money quote(s):

"fuck you"

"oh darlin!"


come hear uncle jeff's band said...

How was Wilco last night? Did they do Box of Rain or Tennessee Jed?

godihateyourband said...

Madison, WI, Simpleton's Annex, June 12, '96!
Trenton, NJ, Swami's Redux, May 5, '98!

wanna swap board tapes???

Xmastime said...

come hear uncle jeff's band... 1

jeffy tweedcia said...

Dude, I heard Wilco did this during the 2nd set -

Impossible Germany
Dark Star

It was an adult alternative overdose!