Thursday, March 20, 2008


after all these years and all the prodding from fans of the band, i finally listened to "dark star" by the grateful dead in all its 12:33 glory. the rarely performed "mindblowing" (deadhead quotes, not mine) classic. for the faithful it was Fillmore East, New York, NY, 04/26/1971, Set 1. i'll restate my oft stated line that i've liked all things jerry cept the dead. "old and in the way" is righteous stuff, but i'm gonna wet my pants now ... so i have an excuse to leave the room. ponderous bullshit never felt so ... warm ... i'm speaking now about piss ...

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BayonneMike said...

Not the best version. Too short. Try Live Dead or Dick's Pick #4.

If you want to stick with the Jerry stuff, try the collaborations with David Grisman: Jerry Garcia/David Grisman, Shady Grove, and So What (not the Hayday cut).