Monday, March 17, 2008

it's new to me

r.e.m., accelerate

best album since AFTP, but don't get all excited, ryan adams and the strokes have each had that many good albums since then. the hype has been relentless ... GUITARS GUITARS GUITARS ... it's good to hear em vent a bit on the lead-off track, it's good to hear em get away from that "music as made in a lab in spare time by $$$aires", it's good to hear em (sound as if they?) give a shit ... is it gonna work? can they pull the u2 "we still matter" trick? that's a YP. placing a track called "i'm gonna dj at the end of the world" seemed initially like the most desperate of moves while reading the track listing ("let's twist again"???), but it actually ain't bad. talk about burying my lead MFers (original title, "what song did you figure on playin' mr. stipe?")!

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