Saturday, November 17, 2007

i have seen the future of rock and roll ...

xmastime n i stumbled into spike hill late night. band settin up. figured, what the hell. all sudden band setting up was gettin pelted w/ the plethora of pbr cans around room. vibe i haven't witnessed in WAY TOO LONG. they rolled w/ it, hidin behind each other while each tuned.


dude that looks like axl ... secret weapon= never seemed to know when a song's startin. beauteeful. added bonus, he can almost on command stand on bass drum and ROCK (almost, cuz he fell twice). number of times during set i actually heard his guitar (not counting between songs) = one. money quote at end of show "we'd like to thank the make a wish foundation" and a strange shout out to steve young after every song. "the rawk"

bass player ... prince william lookalike with a striped b&w collared shirt that only a mom could buy (bonus points for the white collar & wristcuffs). "the dude with the access to the record collection"

sean lennon replicant on other mostly heard gtr. "the dude with the record collection"

dude playing keyboard who referred to hisself after show as a "hired gun" (nice deadwood reference without actually knowing what deadwood is). "the dude in 12 bands that has a great solo album in the works"

drummer. well he drummed his ass off. nuf sed. "the pro" or "the nice guy" aka "the dude who could kick my ass"

sounds like= "SONICTALLICA!" (their description)

set starts. most under-rehearsed thing that sounded like bliss in months. drunken distort sabbath/syouth/malkamus/cheer w/ faux pop hooks was the norm w/ nada hit of the introspect. said can throwers jumped on providin the right off key b/ups to send choruses into overdrive (missing grace was UG to be there and nod approval). my faith in bedford avenue and indie rock in general has been temporarily restored. ironic that me n ms. gihyb lived upstairs from (what was) spike hill in the 90s and had not a clue, oh yeah, they were in diapers.

i'm going to follow this band all year, i know nothing about them save this myspace page ( it's my reality show-- and a way to stand tall with the striking writers. tina, all ya gotta do is PM me.

ps- any info on sed band is greatly appreciated.


ope said...

love it.

Annalee said...

The Yoko are a Brooklyn (by way of Wisconsin) band. Joey, Jon and Ryan in the picture. The guys are all very talented. Two of the three are in another band, The Cummies, also great. The Yoko was originally Ryan's (Sean Lennon lookalike) weird solo project, but as it was one of about 1000 of those, I never knew how awesome it would become. While you're at reducing them each to soundbite/cliches, Ryan would be "the guy who has a crazy new scheme/possibly genius idea and appears ready to drop everything for it at least 5 times a day". Like the time he was going to quit his job and devote his time to designing and making man-shawls to sell to shitty SoHo boutiques. Jon is a fantastic drummer, and he also plays guitar and produces-the guys started a label back in WI (Sector5 Records) before they came out to NYC a few years ago.