Friday, December 7, 2007


several questions posed by xmastime

-"The 80s was a surprisingly good decade for Christmas music."

GIHYB doesn't give a shit about xmas music. we don't mind hearing it around the holidays, and while there's the occasional good tune ("war is over", "marshmallow world"), there's always maroon 5 or some studio full of douchebags completely ruining it 30 years later. is there anything worse than a various artists rock xmas comp? ok, maybe a new ryan adams ep, but you get the drift.

- "Appetite for Destruction is completely overrated; to hear people talk about it now you'd think it was Revolver times Highway 61. It's a pretty good album, but that's it. Hey, you were better than Poison. Congratulations."

GIHYB doesn't give a shit about GnR. we're much more interested in the headlines surrounding axl's replacement scott weiland. and thank you jesus, this week there was another doozy!

- "200 words on why I should give 2 shits if Wilco's tour bus falls off a mountain and explodes in a ball of fire. No survivors."

GIHYB doesn't give a shit about Wilco. we give TWO shits! one shit for three really good records (being there, teeth, ghost) and one classic (ok foxtrot). and one shit cuz nels cline is a BEAST! ... and think about it dickhead, if their bus did fall over a cliff they'd be twice as big as they are now. are you willing to let jeff tweedy become the new buddy holly, and the little elf that plays bass richie havens?

- "Did rap peak with Public Enemy and has it spent the last 17 years basically saying the same stupid shit over and over? Yes, you're rich. I get it."

GIHYB doesn't give a shit about answering questions by "bloggers" who obviously have never listened to tony starks.

- "Who's the next band nobody cares about today but will break up and come back in 20 years somehow bigger than the Beatles, a la the Pixies?"

the yoko

- "Am I a bad American for thinking Gram Parsons is WAAAAAAAAY overrated, his "genius" only created by mythology and great timing of his own death?"

GIHYB has a confession to make. while we do agree there are some great songs, and that his whole marriage of muzak was a great idea, gp generally gets the "NEXT" button on the ole zune. his weak-ass voice don't help. that bein sed, sweethearts is badass.

-" Why aren't Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse married?"

why don't you work at mcdonalds?

- "Lenny Kravitz is a current day version of TheDoors: he completely sucks but every female on the planet would stab you in the neck for saying so."

did we just see "lenny kravitz" in that last paragraph? angel heart ... denise!

- "Will Dave Grohl ever be able to write another song that mentions a person, place or thing without everyone wondering if it's about Kurt Cobain? And does it even matter since he's in the most boring band in ther world anyway?"

we're getting stoned

- "If Robin Givens and Tyra Banks ever exchange bicycle seats can I be there?"

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