Saturday, December 8, 2007

beyond lame

realized recently that i hadn't gone record shopping for real in a long while. decided the boy and i would make it a saturday ritual. let ms. gihyb sleep in after a hard week of fighting crime (i know, husband of the year). where the fuck was i?

we're up and rollin hard by 8am. i realize it's a little early for the twee hipster (though it would be easier to appear indignant with less sleep) and figure on a more reasonable time of 10:30. we've got some other errands to run, so we're in no rush. we finally roll up to bedford ave. at 11. desolate. you could literally shoot buckshot both ways and only hit tommy from the nest (doable at any hour). i had an inkling before i eyed the big chain on soundfix's gate that it would be closed, but it still sucked. boy, wrapped up in his bundle-me, wide-eyed, sniffin for vinyl. me, card in hand, itchin to spend $$$ on anything REMOTELY interesting. ended up strolling him around the block feigning lost keys just to pretend i had business to attend to.

en route home we passed all the other options. shuttered, shuttered, shuttered. 11:30. WTF? strollin the cd section at best buy ain't exactly what i had in mind.

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