Friday, December 14, 2007

45 du jour

the hold steady "can i please crawl out your window" (bonus track) from the "i'm not there" soundtrack

the bruce can only take you so far. "boys and girls +" was a 1st or 2nd fave from last year (dependin on the ever changin take on 'big doe rehab'-- more later). we really do love this band, but their version of "can i please crawl out your window" (a dylan fave of gihyb) is nuthin more than karaoke. sadly, it exposes master finn's limited vocal range. he treats it as an early bruce excercise-- ok, that had its own dylan riff goin-- but that can't save bar band/LOOK AT ME treatment here. stick to yr gunz ... and don't accept th charges nxt time.


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