Monday, November 26, 2007

the whaler

some of my friends are aware of my predilection towards the seafood side of the fast food world. i rarely eat the crap, but when i do venture into an abm (anything but mcd's), generally trailed by a beaming xmastime, i head straight for that lone choice all the way at the bottom of the right side of the menu (fish nibblers!). i've always chalked it up to my 100% anglo blood. fish n chips from birth (my namesake knows no such boundaries, already reaching for pierogies 'n guinness from his added lineage). such is my lot in life. this afternoon, as i walked past the vending machine at work, i noticed a strange new entry. nestled between the faux 7/11 bean burrito and the triangle of chicken salad surrounded by wet, white bread was a "fish and cheese sandwich. microwave 3 minutes". developing ...

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