Sunday, November 11, 2007

don't look back

i've gotta say, i'm gettin tired of the reunion tours. in the past few years i've seen a few amazing (x, television, burma, dino jr., ny dolls), some decent (big star, stooges), and a snoozer (springsteen-- i blame the awful giants stadium xperience more than bruce). last wknd i saw a great show. the goddamn sonics. a band i've revered since, well forever, a band that i fuckin quoted lyrics on my first record (where we also stole the chord sequence! -- not the smartest idea i s'pose). also on the bill the lyres and the fleshtones, who were both pretty great also.

but enough. seems they make the bulk of my excursions. sometimes they're hard to turn down. c'mon, some were the formative bands of my growin up. i never had the chance to see alot of em, but fuck it, it ends now.

shee-it ... i caught wind of the big dipper shows in '08

alas, i do have one redeeming star on my card. i didn't buy into the pixies return. love em as i do, they sucked both times i saw em when they were still together.

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