Monday, June 1, 2009

it's new to me

the new york dolls, cause i sez so

how'd they get rundgren to produce again??? suppose the new cars are on hiatus (ed note: come back soon boys!). things roll quick with a couple a rockers. it's mainly the same mix as the pretty gr-ood "one day ...". again, it's the dolls through the david jo solo filter (thunders* wrecklessness supplanted by syl's prowess). it ain't always a bad thing, it's a different thing. look, the dude is one of the most underrated singers ever. he's fuckin levi stubbs ... he's fuckin levi strauss! & a hell of a songwriter, which tends to get in the way of the new new york dolls. he's throwin lots of chops around (as is syl) and it gets a little muddled (too many mid-tempo exercises ... i get it, but it don't always fit). rundgren kinda stays out of the way (which was a bit disconcerting???). but it's thought out, occasionally pissed, and frequently fun as shit to listen to. the coupla of bitchin girl group tracks ("better than" & "lonely so long") that the orig coulda rumbled with are pretty great, and that speaks. as i mentioned previously, i dig hearin this band hittin their last quarter, and "muddy bones" is worth any price of admission.

*for elvis is alive freaks, "exorcism of despair" has some creepy thunders-esque b/ups

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