Thursday, September 4, 2008


random thoughts on the speech ...

bring it the fuck on! watchin palin was like watchin the vintage '00 SC republican primary, but with rove makin all the speeches. they finally got a tina fey they can let do the dirty work (and she was superb at it). marge gunderson accent and a constant smile on her face.

as i see it, biden has carte blanche to manhandle her in the debates (i for one, cannot WAIT until they pull the girl card).

i love the elitist talk! LCD barroom BS. i was waiting for her to make fun of obama's post-graduate studies. meat eating, sarcasm-spewing ... making fun of community service was really special. true colors.

in the long run i don't see how the numbers work for this type of speech. pro-teen pregnancy w/ a supportive family is a great thing to watch, but where's the nod to the non-resourceful poor kid who grows up to be reagan's "welfare mom"? where's the new politics "cross the aisle" lieberman was clamoring about? this speech had the vitriol of team gingrich in the mid-90s. for all the talk of how close the popular vote is, i still see obama with a comfortable margin in electoral votes (this is the statement that bites me in the ass every november)

after watching, i'm wondering where mccain's going with all this. maverick rhetoric aside, these two have little in common. she's stapled to the right and he's made his career jabbing the party line. as scarborough mentioned the other night, he's gonna be looking out at a crowd where many outright hate him. she may have a populist streak, but it's not grounded in the little guy, it's all about bureaucracy. she's now the party doll. i can see that eatin his grill.

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