Thursday, September 4, 2008

hooked on drugs

must say. mccain's last 10 minutes were pretty impressive. some good points, some great points, and a life story that's off the charts heroic, admirable, and (fuckit) patriotic as all get out. USA!!!! (or should I say say, no "DRILL BABY DRILL" ... aka, rudy as an applause happy drunken retard) ... makes his palin choice even weirder (what a week, and let's be honest, it's HER party now) ... cause i kinda believed him when he says he wants every american to succeed, and wants the citizenship to get involved (KUDOS). he ain't bush, and he ain't the trad repub party.

that being said, i got some weird dole '96 flashbacks (roll him out and get him outta the way). it ain't enough john, you got some crazee friends & their serious baggage you're draggin around.

no vote here.

ps - obama, where the hell you been? need a fix.

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nels slime said...

"obama, where the hell you been? need a fix."

Obama is busy following the Wilco tour.