Thursday, February 14, 2008

45 du jour

Drive-By Truckers That Man I Shot (off of Brighter Than Creation's Dark)

just gettin to this record. i'll leave the full review to UG (succinct MF that he is). stuck in the damn bullseye slot is the dbt's tour-de-force (n that's sayin somethin). took me off guard. a lackluster first listen was jolted by the opening chords. squallin tale of iraqi (i suppose) remorse pulls the record together (funny, my initial thought upon hearing first verse was that it was patterson's answer to gangsta rap). once i got back for second listen of album everything was firin ... lovin the chick vocals (coulda dealt with one less of hers, HFA is pretty bad, but i ain't really complainin) ... cooley's first ain't 'gravity's gone' but it's growin on me (and his charlie rich vocal on 'lisa's birthday' is tha bomb) ... i was thinkin this was hood takin the band back, but a quick speed-listen to "blessing and a curse" reminded me different ... "southern rock opera" just got a neighbor

noted: feb 14 ... record of the year with a big lap lead

damn if 'dress blues' wouldn't sounded great on this un, but fuckit, they don't need him

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