Wednesday, September 26, 2007

oh mickey you're so fine

we've enjoyed the perverse pleasure of following mick jagger's solo career
for some time now. watching the most famous rock star in the world branch out on his own and continually fall flat on his face gave us a feeling mostly associated w/ watching stumbling ponies after birth, or the marchers on free michael vick vids on youtube. the drive and compulsion for said most famous man to prove he's no billy corgan circa thefutureembrace, but instead phil collins in his 80s glory flying the concorde to gigs, playin with clapton & plant, n' sellin out msg under his own name is too appetizing for us to resist.

with word of the release of his new "best of" (editors note: ... stop right here and ATTEMPT to name a song on it ... we didn't think so!), we're pleased to relive the glories and highlights of "she's the boss", "primitive cool", "wandering spirit", and "goddess in the doorway" (note to sufjan stevens, THOSE are album titles son) ... oh mick, we missed you.

his website, which trumpets his "distinguished solo career", offers the tracklisting, and its a stunner. title after title of songs you've never heard of. in fairness, his first solo tune "memo from turner" was pretty awesome. yeah, awesome enough to be included on the rolling stones' "metamorphasis" and the "singles collection: the london years", awesome enough for mick taylor to play on it, and whattya know, the song is credited to jagger/richards (though mick alone wrote it)! and, as far as the rest of the album goes, does everyone get as giddy as we do when we read "(with lenny kravitz)"?

of course everyone remembers the FIVE STAR review rolling stone gave his last solo joint ... oh, just us? well, it's a great story, and if our top 100 wasn't already so lamely sixties-centric, we use a few more paragraphs to honor jann wenner.

we were going to conclude with the vid of he and bowie's horrendous version of "dancing in the street", but we stumbled onto this little gem. jagger & joe satriani on an ill-fated solo tour in '88 might be the best hookup since GIHYB and that chick in raleigh waaaaaaaayback that the bandmates swore was a dude.


Rambler said...

Actually, I kind of liked She's The Boss. Lonely at the Top, Lucky in Love, they were tolerable. Remember they can't all be Too Late the Hero and Ride a Rock Horse!

godihateyourband said...

oh you fuckin daltrey fans!!!!!