Thursday, September 13, 2007


we at GIHYB are excited to announce our newest venture. GODIHATEYOURBLOG will launch Thursday, September 20. we'll be chronicling the highlights, witticisms, rants and grunts of our friends and neighbors along the blogosphere. who did it this week? who didn't? and more importantly, who caught that little gem of a moment whilst backing out of the parking spot at Hardees?

you can think of it as a drudgereport for those who don't have time for the drudgereport or you can just sit back with can of cheesewhiz, hum "the ballad of the green beret", and enjoy.

we'll chart posting statistics, site hits (which we call "touches"!), response counts, but more importantly QUALITY response counts. who has time to wade through pondering misty mountain crapola. NOT US!!!!

remember, if a blog falls in the forest and no one reads it, then it's potentially TP (thanks to jonsquarepants74 for that one!), so log on to GODIHATEYOURBLOG and figure some shit out!

we'll see you soon!



Rambler said...

Remember, it's the quality of the post, not the quantity of the hits...

Not that I have any quality either, as Pete T. said, "if you steer clear of quality, you're ok."

godihateyourband said...

"we don't write the posts, just the rules"

- from GODIHATEYOURZINE circa 1989

BayonneMike said...

Launch aborted?

Xmastime said...


godihateyourband said...

you're checking out the GODIHATEYOURBAND site when you should be looking at the GODIHATEYOURBLOG site.