Thursday, February 11, 2010

mojo's list of best rock docs ever

i can't really argue with mojo's list of greatest rock docs ever (with GIHYB comments).

1. Don't Look Back (1967)
as i get older, dylan, who is clearly the MAN in the movie looks sillier. not entirely silly yet, but sillier every view-- though i still rewind the donovan KILL-- that's still awesome.

2. DiG! (2004)
mesmerizing every second. if you'd told me i would watch a doc by two bands i could not give a shit about (and didn't after i watched them and listened to their stuff), would be this great? i wouldn't have believed you

3. The Last Waltz (1978)
genius? just fucking workmanlike diligence.

4. Gimme Shelter (1970)
watchable, and stil reeling that the band let this be released. as a teenager, i got to understand jagger's a pussy, and the stones sucked live in the late '60s (though not in the mid-60s or early 70s).

5. No Direction Home (2005)
the bomb

6. Fearless Freaks (2005)
fun as hell, and the first one i felt a part of. i once saw the lips in '87 with about 25 other people in c'ville, va. they had a light show that would've made the crue wince

7. Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten (2007)
said here. i loved joe strummer. could watch this on a loop. too many campfire interviews??? go fuck yourself.

8. The Devil And Daniel Johnston (2005)
actually was at the premiere of this. i'm a somewhat johnston fan and kinda met the director a few times. a great movie, on many levels. compelling. you get through the airplane thing unscathed???

9. The Beatles Anthology (1995)
like every other beatles fan, was all about this. triumphant, it's great, incredible, but in a smaller scope, "let it be" was better.

10. End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones (2003)
as a ramones freak, learning to hate johnny ramone was not on my agenda, now it's part of the class. great movie.


Kiko Jones said...

Obviously, I have a soft spot for no.9 (hmm...)

Despite Wayne Coyne becoming a douchebag gossip-monger of late, The Fearless Freaks is a doc I still recall fondly...I actually went to the premiere of BVSC; much as I enjoyed the Wilco doc, Tweedy does come off as a passive-aggressive asshole.

Anonymous said...

Anvil, The Story of Anvil!! Best documentary about people that love to make music I have seen in a long time. Brilliant.

godihateyourband said...

i still haven't caught the anvil one, but it's come well recommended. to be clear, this isn't my list, it's mojo's with my thoughts

Uncle Threepelo said...

Man in the Sand (The Making of "Mermaid Avenue") should be number 1!!!