Monday, December 7, 2009

hbo part 1

thoughts on the hbo rnr hall of fame bullshit show #1. (also see my xmastime collab on show 2)

-stephen stills is a lost dude in the mix of major rock dudes. vocals a+ and his guitar playing is amazing--easily as good as neil. his brown goatee was a little much, at least give nash n cowardly lion a heads up on the dye job. holy shit! stills is incredible!!!

-metallica gets props for muscular sweet jane. lou's karaoke. dunno. hetfield actually trying! ok, lou was fine

-how come ozzy has better hair than my 3 year old does?

-metallica & ray davies??? best sense of humor ever backed by no sense of humor??? i suddenly remember that metallica's best album was "garage days revisted". kudos

-enter sandman backed by vids of mariano rivera??? own the song dudes. and i'm a yankees fan. i really hate metallica. but i do have to thank them for the funniest movie of all time.

-u2 good lord! patti smith and bruce!!!!! the edge plays a REAL SOLO during "because the night"!!!!!!! and then bruce kicks his ass!!!!!!!!! stick to soundshapes when onstage with the boss mr. edge!

-christ- jagger backed by u2. suck has a new definition. jagger is going through motions. he doesn't even realize u2 isn't giving him the stones backing. guess you call that a "PRO". he's in his own little mick world! i could hug him!

as many readers know, i ain't a bruce guy, but i gotta say, he towers above the crowd here. the dude is amazing. he's aged better than anyone, but that ain't the point. he's just on-- and it ain't going anywhere.

-star= bruce


Xmastime said...

(clutching chest a lá Redd Foxx)

as Op pointed out, even during the horrible, horrible NY State of Mind with Billy Joel, Bruce at least looked like it was the greatest song in the world.

godihateyourband said...

bruce OWNED NY state of mind the second he started singing. BJ shoulda sauntered off mid song

Xmastime said...

and meanwhile BJ couldnt even memorize one verse of Born to Run. stared at the teleprompter. no wonder the daughter tried to kill herself.

godihateyourband said...

you shoulda stuck with the 1st 2 sentences ... as i said 25K people in the place knew those lyrics, and he booted em. disgraceful.

Kiko Jones said...

- Never been a fan of solo Stills, but his contributions to CSN are invaluable. As for his gtr playing in particular, hangin' w/Jimi obviously rubbed off on him.

- That Metallica were performing in NYC was the only reason no.42 was up on the screen. Just a little "home cooking", is all.

- Man, you've really got in for U2; I really didn't have a problem w/them backing Mick.

- Not a Bruce guy, either, but he was indeed phenomenal.