Tuesday, September 22, 2009

it's new to me

john doe and the sadies "country club"

i've been clamorin for doe to make a trad country album for years. X hinted at it, and the knitters opened the doors (fuck, bloodshot recs acknowledges "little critter" was the reason they started), but as great as they were, it always had a foot in kitsch. etc etc etc. the voice was there and the sentiment was almighty. so, why does this album not work?

in retrospect, his first solo record underwhelmed the hell outta me (saving graces were mainly X-ish). i've not really bothered with much of his others, save a song or 2 here and there.

i'll be honest, if he'd blown this set out kamikaze style during an encore, i'd still be talkin about it. & though the record gets better as it goes along, the lack of dirt kills. the sadies relatively staid numbering meets his smooth delivery at a steady plane, and that's not a good thing. inexplicably, there's little personality, which is weird after witnessing doe live multiple times (in multiple incarnations!), he's an engaging guy ... and then there's the matter of why he hit on so many well trod songs ... still clamorin.

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