Wednesday, August 5, 2009

file under: essential DC

in college, our band had one hard rule, if we got to open for The Ramones and the Slickee Boys, we would immediately break up. we never got the Ramones nod, but we did play with the Slickees. just found out about this blog that has a link to mp3s from "here to stay", their initial LP collection of EPs & singles. wore this thing out. & it still rules ... they have other great records, but this one's the prize ... prowl on yer own dime ... or buy a copy on ebay for the big bucks.

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Kim Kame said...

OMG! Have you read the AMAAAAAZIIIING interview with J.Tweedy in the new Spin? Soooooo fascinating!! And the photos are totally jizzworthy.