Tuesday, November 4, 2008

vote aqui

ominous looking lines broke apart once i found an election official that told me the location of my district booth. that wasn't easy spec w/ g in tow (pictured). lots of people were left standing in an extra long line very confused. i've voted in the same place now for 12 years and have never seen anything like it--especially at 11am.

was the boy's first time in the booth. thought it was important he be there. this being an election more about the future than any i've ever been a part of, and my first national election as a dad. i've previously given my endorsement, so i got nothing to add in that dept. after a hellish 8 years, i'm not feeling nervous, not feeling particularly vindictive, i'm feelin a calm, a relief ... and i'm just waiting to exhale.


jim o'spourke said...

You only like Obama because he's down with Wilco.

ope said...

fantastic pic!

Xmastime said...

red white and blue! :)