Friday, May 30, 2008

Beat the Devil - RIP

One of my favorite new NYC bands of the last couple years have called it quits. According to their myspace page ... "YES MY FRIENDS THE BAND HAS BROKEN UP" and continues, "So the rumors are true, Beat the Devil is no longer a band."

Their live schedule had dwindled as of late, with lead howler Shilpa Ray playing mainly solo shows w/ her "happy hookers". I was still hoping to hear that long mentioned album they were working on (HINT HINT).

In the future, check out bassist Mishka Shubaly's drunk'n'twisted country-folk solo output. His "How to Make a Bad Situation Worse" from last year is required listening for all past & future breakups (on both ends).

... can't get that LES staple "rehab is for quitters" outta my head

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