Friday, April 11, 2008

ed, rip

little short on details at this moment. he'd been fightin it for a few years now (which includes one of the funniest turkey's nest stories ever). more later. i'll miss those conversations buddy. hope they got hoops and horses in heaven.


The Know-All said...

aw shit. Nice man. He knew his ponies.

Xmastime said...

will miss Ed, only dude at the Nest I snobbishly allowed knew more re: old-school hoops than me. always cracked me up how every year he'd be vaguely surprised St John's didnt win the NCAA title, from 1947 til today. "Well Ed," I'd tell him "they did go 8-22 this year." I remember the day Herb Brooks died and I asked Ed if the USA hockey win was the greatest upset in sports history in his mind. He tilted his head back, thought for a minute and then started talking about some pole vaulter in the 1964 Olympic trials. Trials!! "Jesus Ed," I cut him off "let's dial it down a notch!!!"

and of course nothing will top how happy he was to come to GIHYB's house to watch the 2002 Super Bowl. 3 plays in I look over, and there's Ed, snoring away on the couch. Awesome. :)