Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How Many CDs Clemens Sell?

This story cracks us up more than anything. From the Voice story on music stars implicated in steroid purchasing, with a great nod to the best show on tv:

“Anyway, as Idolator pointed out, the funniest thing about the story is the use of fake names. 50 Cent's shipment was supposedly mailed under the name Michael Jordan, which, I mean, come on. Blige, meanwhile, allegedly received at least one shipment under the name Marlo Stanfield, the cold-blooded drug kingpin from The Wire. In a vaguely related story that's probably not interesting at all to anyone who doesn't work in the Village Voice offices, Jamie Hector, the actor who plays Marlo, was spotted walking past the Voice offices this afternoon. Voice senior editor and rabid Wire fan Ward Harkavy is right now walking around this office showing off a cell-phone picture of himself and Marlo, making it completely impossible for me to think of a decent ending to this post.”

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