Monday, October 15, 2007

you're a creep

people are giving radiohead shit because their manager admitted their name yr price to download our record was just a promotional tool for the sale of their physical cds. wow, u could knock me over with a coldplay 5". GIHYB is as much of a cynic as tom hohn, but gimme a fuckin break people. are they the red cross?

it's a different era people. r'head is just the next in what's to be a long line of reinventin the horse. while it's always good to read a headline announcing the demise of the major labels, it's not exactly new. goin back to '01, wilco's been streaming their records way ahead of release (in YHF's case, before signing a deal). indie bands have run rampant with the process. sometimes it's the only way a band without backing can bridge that gap to making actual money. if you can separate yourself from the need to press actual cds (which cost $$), and embrace yer pc, you got yrself yr own virtual record company (wow, what a GREAT idea!). there's also the "leaked" tracks. mebbe i'm spoiled, swimming in the gilded waters of the music biz, but i can't remember the last cd i wanted whose tracks i couldn't get my hands on a good few weeks/sometimes months ahead of release date. you need the buzz to build, and who better to start it than muzak-junkies online 24/7? got pals who collect mp3s like gas in mad max. be forewarned, sometimes this approach can backfire. found this nugget from the village voice to be pretty hysterical.

that said, the 160 kbps files, are sub-quality for a band of r'head's stature, and the fact that no announcement of the file size was mentioned was lame, but i'd venture to guess TH-om would send your $0.37 back (not that I paid that amount or anything).

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