Friday, August 10, 2007


might hafta rename blog godihate1-95. bklyn to raleigh/durham should take 8 hrs. meanwhile i'm sittin in overpriced shitty hotel in south hill, va. left at 11:15am, checked in at 11:15pm, with hour and a half drive in morn. lucky ms. gihyb and baby gihyb are flying in to r/d.

savin grace: pulling into hotel, the i-shuffle hit "aftermath usa" by dbt. really hit home when i noticed vibe of hotel. if vacation week's supply of baby's diapers are still in car when i get down there tomorrow mornin, i will be surprised*. i'm fully expecting my dive in pool at 8am (nullifyin need for shower) will be one where i try to avoid floatin body.

honorable mention: i-95 namechecks on the ride via i-shuffle by jay-z, damian marley and ghostface


*When I crawled out of bed this morning
I could tell something wasn't right
There were cigarettes in the ashtrays
They weren't your menthol lights

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